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Most important thing which makes you different from others is your fashion, Peoples may never remember you face but they will keep you fashion in mind either its good or bad. You always need a serious person to prescribe what suits you. We believe in kindness so look beautiful without making harm to other living thing of universe. 


Hi Jennifer Klein here

 I am a beautician and fashion designer by profession and article writing is my passion. If you also a fashion reader didn't miss out following articles and much more in weekly magazine. 


Choose Color Wisely

The first thing which attract people is color so be very precise and choose color which suits your personality. Attraction is in colors and colors are most important thing in branding do you love pink one?

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SHop once but shop best

many peoples visit daily to market and buy things for themselves but do you know the best thing is that which make you feel comfortable and good looking. Didn't matter what you buy the thing mater where buy this and in how many? .....

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Why not show off?

Usua Never hide things show this your collegues and friends so they can guide you what suits you and what not? This is not bad at all to share your dreams and dresses to them who are great concerns about you . Let go out and share your latest choice with someone

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Winter is awesome 

Usually people like summer due to colors of cloths but in my view we have to wear winter dress of same charm we feel in summer. Peoples buy dull boring stuff from market and put on this is not good at all go buy colorful dresses and enjoy you winter.

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Fashion Prescription is an initiative my Jennifer Klein a fashion designer and greate writer as well. I beleive in perfection of dresses and prefect dress mean perfect personality. 

Fashion Prescription
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Jennifer Klein

Bored with a line up of web journals with similar staff about patterns, tattles about an equivalent people and item surveys about an equivalent large brands, I contributed time, energy and cash into making my own special blog, Fashion Prescription! 

Such countless individuals intend to fire up their own blog. What pushed me to really do it is I simply do what I need. 

I figure you ought to consistently do what you need, when you need, and straightaway. Fashion Prescription was the ideal plan to acquaint individuals with a back phase of the design business, and express my own self imaginatively.

Back in 2004 I started exploring fashion as a hobby I was making sketches on my copy and showing them to my mother she always encourage me to utilize this skill. I interviewed many fashion designers and write articles on there life how they started this profession. Later in 2009 I realized that my talent of writing article and interest in fashion make me think to adopt a profession which suits me. So I start writing articles in magazines and I was know in industry as a fashion reporter. Please subscribe to my  newsletter to read upcoming blogs. 

Jennifer klein

Hi jenifer Bruna Branco here i believe that none of the writer motivate me except you. Even your articles fully changed my way of dressing . Thanks