Right Eco Friendly Products

Which line is right for you? recall what is most essential to you and your get admission to to recycling and composting. we have some thing to fulfill your wishes and meet your environmental desires, what ever they will be.

About our Eco friendly products

What you need to know
crafted from renewable plant substances that can be grown over and over
no longer crafted from oil like conventional plastics
All GreenStripe products (except Plant Starch Cutlery) are compostable, this means that they can be back to the soil to assist plants grow
Paper and Sugarcane products can cross within the freezer, even though they are no longer airtight, so freshness and freezer burn can end up troubles if left there for too lengthy. Ingeo can end up brittle whilst frozen so we do not propose placing these products within the freezer
Compostable GreenStripe products are ASTM compliant and BPI licensed compostable in business centers simplest, which might not exist for your place.
no longer suitable for outdoor composting. those merchandise want the excessive warmth of a commercial pile to break down

eco friendly products


  • Ingeo Bioplastic
  • Plant Starch
  • Sugarcane
  • Sugarcane & Bamboo blend
  • Wheat Straw


  • eco-friendly packaging (decided on products)
  • bloodless food friendly
  • hot food friendly
  • custom possibility
  • published Sleeves

Dahlia Dinnerware

Made with a top class combination of bagasse and bamboo for a unique and undeniably inexperienced appearance. we have designed these plates and bowls in our signature leaf shape for that extra unique contact, 100% renewable. BPI certified compostable and ASTM D6868 compliant.


Sugarcane & Bamboo mixture

  • Microwave friendly
  • cold food pleasant
  • warm meals friendly

Palm Leaf Plates, Bowls & Clamshells

Their precise biopulping process ensures those plates are thin and lightweight, but still sturdy and sturdy. one hundred% renewable, BPI certified compostable and AMST D6868 compliant.


  • INGEO Bioplastic
  • capabilities
    cold meals pleasant
    hot meals pleasant
eco friendly products

Renewable & Compostable Sugarcane Dinnerware

Designed to be strong in addition to grease and reduce resistant. these strong plates and bowls paintings well for a extensive kind of foods. they are an ideal alternative to standard plastics due to the fact they may be made from reclaimed and unexpectedly renewable fivers. one hundred% renewable, BPI certified compostable and ASTM D6868 complaint.



  • functions
  • bloodless food pleasant
  • hot food friendly
  • Microwave pleasant
  • custom opportunity
  • revealed Sleeves

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