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Jennifer Klein

Bored with a line up of web journals with similar staff about patterns, tattles about an equivalent people and item surveys about an equivalent large brands, I contributed time, energy and cash into making my own special blog, Fashion Prescription! 

Such countless individuals intend to fire up their own blog. What pushed me to really do it is I simply do what I need. 

I figure you ought to consistently do what you need, when you need, and straightaway. Fashion Prescription was the ideal plan to acquaint individuals with a back phase of the design business, and express my own self imaginatively.

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a hobby, a talent, and now, a profession

Back in 2004 I started exploring fashion as a hobby I was making sketches on my copy and showing them to my mother she always encourage me to utilize this skill. I interviewed many fashion designers and write articles on there life how they started this profession. Later in 2009 I realized that my talent of writing article and interest in fashion make me think to adopt a profession which suits me. So I start writing articles in magazines and I was know in industry as a fashion reporter. Please subscribe to my  newsletter to read upcoming blogs. 

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